1955 Chevy Body

Jeffers to Produce and Distribute Custom 55 Chevy Bodies
Larry Jeffers Race Cars and Tim Wallace Motorsports are pleased to announce that LJRC will be the exclusive manufacture of the Tim Wallace Motorsports designed 7/8th scale 55 Chevy bodies that have become a very popular fixture in the Top Sportsman and Pro Mod ranks.

The TWM 55 bodies are purposely designed the body to be the first 55 Chevy, to be proportionally correct with the original 55 Chevy street car. Thus, this 55 body will give the racecar that very iconic and nostalgic look that many find appealing.

TWM spend a great deal of time and resources in the design of the 7/8th scale body along with collaboration with Bob’s Pro-Fab Race Cars and John Bohannon Concepts in this process. The goal was to make the body a value to the racers looking for this particular style. To date TMW had sold twenty-two of the 55 bodies, however there was a growing demand for a carbon fiber version.

country and in the middle of all the major top sportsman and pro mod chassis shops in the U.S., and he can do carbon, therefore it was a no brainer
to get with Larry on this project” opined Wallace.

LJRC has the capability to serve perspective clients with a choice of purchasing either a fiberglass, or a carbon fiber version of the quality bodies.

Interested parties should contact Larry Jeffers Race Cars at 636-671-1300 or at LJRC1.com

Tommy D’Aprile’s Letter To LJRC

I just want to say thank you to Larry Jeffers Race Cars for a superior race. I have driven many different pro modified race cars built by all the top name chassis builders and all I can say is Larry Jeffers Race Cars is by far the best cars I have EVER driven bar none.

To say thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. Anyone looking for a quality, bad to the bone race car that can handle all the horsepower you can throw at it should look no further!

Larry Jeffers Race Cars delivers!

Jay Deidrich’s 1969 Camaro

Jay Diedrich’s brand new LJRC Built 69′ Camaro left the shop at 8pm Wednesday night and headed up to Gateway Motorsports Park where it made it’s first 2 test hits on Thursday night. 2nd test pass it layed down a 3.79 at 201 MPH with Frankie Taylor at the wheel. Stay tuned for more passes on this car today at the Street Car Super Nationals St Louis.

Jay-Diedrich-1969-camaro jay-diedrich-69-camaro jay-diedrich-frankie-taylor